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A developer's one stop entry into the world of blockchain development for Polkadot.

Develop Faster
with curated features to create projects, add features, and manage upgrades seamlessly. Learn More...
Test Better
with a comprehensive testing environment unifying powerful ecosystem tools, enabling efficient and thorough testing processes. Learn More...
Deploy Quicker
with seamless support to deploy parachains, dAppChains, or smart contracts. Learn More...
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Develop Faster

Pop CLI makes development for Polkadot faster through curated commands to generate new projects, add new features, and reduce the Polkadot learning curve

Install all of the necessary components for Polkadot development, from one location.
Easily generate new projects for parachains, smart contracts, or a mix of both with dAppChains. Project generation utilizes a suite of powerful use-case templates and standards.
Quickly add new pallets, configurations, and even XCM use-cases to your existing Polkadot project.
Parachain Upgrades
More easily perform parachain version upgrades with upgrade support. Parachain projects created with the Pop CLI may support automated upgrades.

Test Better

Pop CLI unifies the powerful testing tools of Polkadot creating an accessible and effective testing enviroment.

Unit Tests
Easily run unit tests for parachains, pallets, and smart contracts.
Integration Tests
Quickly test a migration with live chain state, run emulated XCM tests, or e2e ink! tests, all from a single interface.
Local Testnet
Setup a local testnet with ease utilizing powerful tools like Chopsticks and Zombienet.

Deploy Quicker

Pop CLI makes deployments easy, whether deploying a parachain, dAppChain, or smart contract.

Connect Pop CLI to a supported infrastructure provider to easily deploy, maintain, and monitor your parachain.
Smart Contracts
Deploy your smart contract to your favorite network seamlessly.
Easily setup and deploy your dAppChains using infrastructure providers.

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