Pop Network

Power of Polkadot

The smart contract deployment entry point in Polkadot, offering the best developer experience with reduced complexity, ease of deployment, superior tooling, and outstanding documentation.

Power of Polkadot:
Easily access the power of Polkadot in your smart contracts with access to powerful primitives. Reducing development time while increasing power. Learn More...
Cross Chain:
Pop Network removes the complexity of cross-chain messaging from smart contracts, utilizing intuitive interfaces. Supporting functions like Asset Hub interactions, and asynchronous smart contracts to empower innovation. Learn More...
Utilize dAppChains to get the speed and control of a parachain without the complexity of pallet development. Learn More...
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Power of Polkadot

Pop Network empowers smart contracts through the accesible Pop API – bringing the Power of Polkadot to your smart contract.

Access the Pop API in smart contracts to use predefined use-cases with ease. The Pop API abstracts the complexity of Polkadot, and directly interfaces with powerful use-cases, pallets, and cross-chain messaging.
Use Cases
With access to predefined use-cases, smart contract developers can reduce development time while increasing power. Examples of accessible use-cases are, fungibles, NFTs, programmable AMM, programmable DAOs, and more.
Asynchronous Smart Contracts
Pop Network enables smart contracts to work asynchronously, with novel polling and callback features.
ink! libraries and Pop CLI
Utilize the Pop ink! libraries to quickly access interfaces to the Pop API. Standardized, and templated contracts will be augmented by the Pop CLI.

Cross Chain Access

Pop Network makes cross-chain usage seamless with a powerful API focusing on use-cases and abstracting the complexity of the technologies.

Pop Network allow smart contracts to easily perform cross chain interactions. With a seamless developer experience through the Pop API.
Polkadot Innovation
Extend the features of parachains, including Asset Hub, with smart contracts through seamless cross chain programs.


dAppChains provide the performance and control of a parachain, while providing the simplicity of a smart contract.

dAppChains allow smart contract developers to add custom blockchain functionality using smart contract languages.
dAppChains provide smart contracts dedicated blockspace and compute power for more performance and control.
Flexible Deployment
dAppChains can be deployed directly, or scale from a smart contract on Pop Network to a dedicated chain, when ready.

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